How to Help Your Child Overcome a Fear of Monsters?

overcome fear of monster

If your child has been waking up at night, crying or upset about an imaginary monster, then you’re probably wondering how to overcome the fear of monsters so you and your child can get a good night’s rest. The good news is that your child is not the exception to this fear. Many children across the world find it difficult to sleep because they think there’s a monster under their bed or hiding in the closet. While these fears may seem irrational to an adult, it is very real to the child. Here are some tips to help your child cope with this fear.

 Acknowledge the problem

 One of the biggest mistakes parents make is to either ignore the problem or to tell their child that monsters aren’t real. Some parents may even go to the extreme of ridiculing the child by calling them ‘silly’ or ‘childish.’ Unfortunately, this may only make the situation worse. Instead, it is vital to acknowledge the child’s fear and also acknowledge that there really is a monster. There are award-winning monster books for kids that will help you realistically address these fears.

 Relatable Stories

While picking monster books for kids, look for ones that have relatable stories. Children need to understand and relate to the fictional character in the story. A book with a young child at the very center will help as children will see themselves through the eyes of the fictional child. A strong and interactive storyline will also grab attention and keep interest levels up. 

 Use Positive Imagery

Just because you’re wondering how to overcome the fear of monsters, it doesn’t mean that the process should not be fun and entertaining. Some books are beautifully illustrated and come with additional aids that make the stories come alive in the mind of the child. Pictures and images appeal to young children as it makes it easier for them to understand and relate to the story. 

In addition to a fictional character and images, creative monster books for kids may also feature a monster. When the monster is portrayed as someone who isn’t really frightening but rather as someone who needs help, it makes the monster a lot less scary. Thus, finding the right book will go a long way in helping your child get over these night-time fears. 

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