From Our Parenting Tool Kit To Yours; How to overcome fear of Monsters?

Do you have a child in your life with a fear of Monsters?

Brian, the main character in this book, was afraid also. Fearless by day but scarfear of brianed at night, Brian was afraid of the Monster in his closet...until one night when he had a dream about his Monster and learned how his Monster got in his closet, why he was there, and how to get his Monster back to his own home. At this age, childhood influences come primarily through their interaction with the adults in their life. Our hope is that you and your child will take this journey together...from reading the book, to connecting with the Monster, and empowering your child to solve their fear of Monsters.

Why does this to work so well?

Rather than talking the Monster away, our book acknowledges that the child's Monster exists. In this story, the child realizes that their Monster is more afraid of them then they are of their Monster. They learn that, when separated from family, it produces fear and anxiety which is what their Monster is experiencing. Because they can relate to this, they understand the need to get their Monster home as quickly as possible. This story empowers the child to take an active role in getting their Monster home.

How did this story come about?

Co-author Donna Pirone Bauer had a Monster in her house! Yes, it's true, and her daughter found it. It was living in her daughter's closet and she was petrified, as most children would be. After several attempts to rid the house of the resident Monster, Donna designed a solution that worked like magic. She created a unique little story and a box that would become the safe zone to transport the Monster out of their house. Her daughter responded very similarly to the way Brian in the story responded, from decorating the box to giving the Monster "remember me" trinkets, to actually transporting him. Her daughter never again had a fear of Monsters. You can only imagine how pleased they were when they used this technique with other children and they, too, were able to resolve their fear. They realized that they stumbled on something invaluable and thought it was time to pass on this little gem of an idea. Their hope is that you'll find the same success that they had in helping to resolve your child's rite of passage -- The Fear of Monsters!