Review Our Children's Fear Of Monsters, Monster Kit #BOOKREVIEWS


We invite book reviewers to review our Monster Kit, Along Came A Monster, The Monster's Transport. Publisher: Grain House Publishing, LLC.  Qualified book review recipients will receive a free, Monster Kit beautifully packaged in set of monster arms, includes a storybook, magical monster's transport box and a window sticker.  The audience for our monster kit is typically toddlers facing that age old fear of monsters, especially at bedtime.  See how Brian overcomes his fear of monsters by learning how Monster Bobo got in his closet. Brian discovers his monster is lost and afraid and Brian invents the Magical Monster's Transport to get Monster Bobo back home to his mommy.
IPPY Silver Medal Award to Along Came A Monster    Best Books GoodReads Award A Long Came A Monster     Along Came A Monster Winner of Mom's Choice Award  

Qualification for a free Monster Kit is determined by the publisher.  #BOOKREVIEWS

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