Hey Kids, This is for you.

Hey kids, tells about your experience with Monster Bobo

More about Brian's Monster

Do you remember his name? It was Monster Bobo. Let's tell you a little bit about him that you didn't learn in the story. He has an older brother named Zane, and a younger sister named LeeLee, and his best friend's name is Scoot. I wonder if Zane, LeeLee, or Scoot has visited any of you. He looks more like his mom than his dad and his mom is always worried about him going past Papa Moss.

As you know he eats popcorn and his favorite drink is chocolate milk. He likes jumping on the trampoline, playing baseball and riding his bike. And most of all, he likes playing with his friends.

Kids, send us your stories!

Send us your stories about your Monster and we'll put some up on this page. Some of the things you can tell us about your Monster are your Monster's name, where they were hiding, what your Monster looked like, some of the things that scared you, the things you put in your Monster's Transport Box, and anything else that you want to share about your Monster.

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